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About King Harvest

In early 2000, Lee Simpson (guitars/vocals) and John McCain (drums) met Daniel Schuck (keyboards/harmonica), and short months later John McGaraghan (guitar/mandolin/lap steel/vocals). From this original lineup, King Harvest was formed. Near the end of 2000, bass virtuoso Damon Lee saddled up to ride shotgun with John McCain and bring a new vigor into King Harvest's rhythem section. These past few months have been one hell of a roller coaster, and this band is poised to hit the ground running. Keep an eye out for a show in your area.

Lee Simpson return to top

    Guitarist/Songwriter Lee Simpson is originally a Northern Californian from the Chico area but was raised down on the beaches of Southern California. Years of touring and making records with his and Jason Fletcher's original act Blue Dye Fire honed a life long love of the craft of songwriting. After several recordings and a record single were produced Thank You For Being Alive and Roadburger were made from 1993 to 1995. These records led to heavy touring of the West Coast culminating in a San Diego to Seattle circuit and several overseas tours of the European continent. After much change Blue Dye Fire's songwriting members settled in the San Francisco area and through several incarnations including local SF favorite Mobius they became the act King Harvest that we know today. As a player Lee is strongly rooted in the bluegrass style and tradition with strong disciplines in jazz improvisation and the classical. This is fused together in an original American Roots songwriting technique that offers a tip of the hat to those who have come before as well as a uniquely wooden sound all it's own.

John McGaraghan return to top

    Born and raised in Northern California, John's musical roots include classical training in piano and saxophone, informal training in jam-based rock gleaned from years of following experimental psychedelic rock acts such as the Grateful Dead, Phish, Zero and Jambay, and 15 years of songwriting and solo performing in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego. During a 7 year stint in San Diego, John co-founded the area's premier jam-rock band Oversoul, playing an eclectic mix of psychedelic rock, country, folk, and bluegrass. Over the years, John's arsenal of instrumental abilities has grown to include lap steel guitar, dobro, mandolin, banjo, and even a touch of fiddle. Through the years, John's diverse experience and abilities have led him to share stages with acts like Lucinda Williams, Fishbone, Ben Harper, Merl Saunders, Zero, 311, the Greyboy Allstars, and more. John brings his expertise on guitar and steel guitar as well as a smooth high tenor and over a decade's worth of original material to King Harvest.

    John is also the webmaster for this site, so feel free to keep your nasty comments to yourselves and email all your praise and adoration to John@JohnMcG.com. I promise fame. no fortune.

John McCain return to top

    John McCain is a self taught drummer raised in the belly of the southeast, North Carolina. John's upbringing on blues and rock gave him the appreciation of idolized drummers such as John Bonham, Stuart Copeland, and Bill Bruford. As other peers hit the books, John experienced expansion through jazz and progressive rock. Upon moving to California, John found self realization in the warmness and feel of groove. John is on the never ending search for the deeper pocket, the higher consciouness of the zen of drumming.

Daniel Schuck return to top

    Daniel got his 'road legs' in the east coast's acclaimed jam-band Blue Miracle Blue Miracle spent several years touring constantly throughout the East and the South, earning their stripes as road-tested working musicians. Daniel blows a smokin' harp and lays down everything from powerful B-3 organ swells to smooth Rhodes grooves to rollicking piano riffs. Daniel's textural diversity fills out the King Harvest sound and pushes the energy envelope, driving the band to new levels of performance.

Damon Lee return to top

    Damon Lee has been bringing his rock solid and inventive low end into the mix since the end of 2000. with extensive experience in everything from Jazz to Metal to Country, Damon provides a diverse sound that gives King Harvest's tunes new vigor and a nice tasty flavor.

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